Vallarta Bird Watching

PUERTO VALLARTA BIRD WATCHING Bird watching is a fascinating outdoor activity. Due to its geographical position, Puerto Vallarta is, without a doubt, a perfect location, where on a relatively small area, we can observe a great variety of birds. So … [Read more...]

Puerto Vallarta Buses for Dummies

Other than walking, using Puerto Vallarta’s public bus system is definitely the least expensive way to get around the city, and also the most interesting. There are many different routs to consider that allow tourists and locals access to some of the … [Read more...]

Sayulita Memories

  Is there a particular place that is special to your family and sends you into a state of permanent nostalgia until you leave it? It doesn’t have to be an exotic location, or famous, or even that remarkable at all. I’m just talking … [Read more...]

Stay Refreshed with Refresca Aguas Artesanales

Immerse yourself in the culture of Puerto Vallarta by visiting it’s newest “buy local” market, Mercado Los Mangos. We offer a great selection of local artisan products, live entertainment and a children’s crafting tent. You’ll find one-of-a-kind … [Read more...]

SPCA of Puerto Vallarta

More exciting news about our upcoming fundraiser “Beauty and the Beast” on February 8th.  Last week we reported that we will be viewing some of the gorgeous couture ofDesigns by Maracuyá as well as Cassandra Shaw Jewelry.  Now we want to tell you … [Read more...]