Planning to Buy a House? Don't Fall for These Tricks

Trust is something a consumer and seller need to establish before a relationship can be considered good and sound. This holds true in most situations, including the property market. Imagine not being able to trust an estate agent to help you find and acquire the best home for you. The entire buying process is likely to be strained and you would not have peace of mind. However, it is wise that you learn some of the tricks that certain agents are allegedly doing to unsuspecting clients.

  • Bait-and-switch is when real estate agencies put up a fake listing for a home that may not exist or has been already sold. If it is a property that you happen to like and you asked to see it you would be offered something else. A total waste of time, right? Worse, your hopes of buying what could have been your dream house are dashed.
  • Estate agents doublespeak refers to a method where you are misled by the words and descriptions used on a particular property listing. Cosy, for instance, may not be exactly what you will feel and see when you check out a particular house on sale. If you buy it without due diligence, then you are in for a surprise.
  • Self-promotion happens when the agent ends up promoting himself rather than selling the house. As an owner who wishes to put a property up for a quick sale, you will be waiting for a long time before you see any progress on the selling process.
  • Wall of silence, on the other hand, works opposite self-promotion. The bad thing is you, the buyer, would be kept in the dark of possible problems in the home like pest infestation. This is why it is very important that you look beyond the staging and all the sweet-talking.
  • There is double end where an estate agent keeps mum about a higher offer for a house so he can share commission with another broker.

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Just when you thought only magicians have tricks up their sleeves, estate agents turned out to know a thing or two as well. To avoid any rueful mistakes when buying or selling a property, it is best that you deal with a reliable agent such as The Property Girl.

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