4 Different Types of Accommodation You Can Choose From for Your Holiday

Are you planning to go on a holiday? To ensure a more fun and memorable trip, there are many things you should do before leaving, which can include ensuring you have complete travel documents, packing all the things you need for the activities you’re going to do and having sufficient budget. Aside from these, you also have to book the right place to stay in your destination. However, with the wide array of choices out there, from Peak District cottages for short breaks to penthouses in popular destinations, the selection process can be quite challenging. With that said, you should base your decision on the type of holiday you’re taking. It also helps to know the different types of accommodation to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Accommodation may come from establishments having numerous staff members and personnel attending to the needs of holidaymakers, but there are also hospitality businesses that only offer their facilities to guests who prefer self service. When it comes to making reservations, you’ll have different options, and it's important to know what they all mean. If you're not sure what's right for you or whether the option you choose is going to suffice your needs, here are the different types of accommodation offering various levels of service.

  • Full-Board Accommodation

This is regarded as the most expensive type. Aside from offering a comfortable place to stay, it includes all meals in your holiday package. However, in some cases, the type and the time of meal are restricted, which can be a disadvantage especially if you prefer your own choice of place and time to eat. A full-board service ties you to the hotel, whether the food they serve tastes great or not.

  • All-Inclusive Accommodation

This type is mostly popular for package holidays to well-known destinations. Hotel rooms and apartments are usually the places to stay in this accommodation. Varied terms and conditions apply, but food and drinks are offered free of charge. Sometimes, the package also includes unlimited snacks.

This type of service is perfect if you’re on a budget. However, same as full-board accommodation, if you find the offered menus unpalatable, you may end up spending more than what you projected because you might have to eat more delectable meals somewhere else.

  • Half-Board Accommodation

Mostly, the features in this service comprise breakfast and dinner, but luncheons are not included. This service is suitable for you if you want to explore your destination during the day after you’ve taken your first day meal at the establishment, eat luncheon wherever you are currently during lunch time and go back for free dinner before resting. With this service, you’re not tied to the establishment.

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

With this type of service, you’re offered a room to sleep for the nights and breakfast meals during mornings. This allows you to have your lunch and dinner in places you may wish to visit during the days of your holiday.

These are the different types of accommodation you can choose from. The perfect one should fit your type of holiday and budget, like Peak District cottages for short breaks and condominiums for long holidays. You can also contact us if you need help with this task.