With more than seventy different dishes Fredy’s Tucan is a favorite place for locals and foreigners alike. Fredy’s Tucan offers a casual atmosphere with its inside garden, which is fresh and nice, where personal attention is a synonymous of our total commitment to offer you excellent service framed by its owners smile.

Among the most popular dishes you can find “el campesino” [the country plate], which is an “arrachera”, a tender marinated beef cut accompanied by delicious “chilaquiles” (corn tortilla with sauce) and refried beans, for a very Mexican breakfast. We also serve spectacular chocolate flavored “black forest pancakes” bathed with strawberries, whipped cream and pecans. Also a must are the “eggs Benedictine” and the world famous “French toast”. All our dishes are prepared with the most rigorous hygiene and warranting that the original flavor of each product will delight your palate. At Fredy’s Tucan our mission is to achieve the entire satisfaction of our clients, in order for them to become our main promoters. Therefore, when you visit our place and through our cooking, attention and service, you, the local or the traveler visitors are the most important persons.

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