Haunting flutes and pulsating drums – perhaps even the ancients themselves – summon you along a torch-lit path to a pyramid deep in the heart of the tropical forest. Here, in a natural amphitheater under a star-studded sky, you will witness Mexico’s mythological past in the universal language of contemporary dance.

Much of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in the stories and folklore of civilizations past. Our Rhythms of the Night dance performance illustrates how ancient pre-Columbian religions and beliefs influenced the myths, legends, and cultures of Mexico.

Ancestral Rituals give life to pre-Hispanic civilizations with the blood of our people flowing like the roots on trees. Using the free-form techniques of contemporary dance, the show presents the ceremony in which two hearts melt in eternal compliments: man and woman.

The male energy represented in the hunting of the deer is an indigenous cult to accept wisdom and the right path for life, giving way to the female beauty with its sensual gestures full of enticing significance while transforming the deities in this paradise. Creation turns into the sacred fire with the dancers purifying this union of embracing constellations, while live music fills the atmosphere with rhythms of percussions, poetry and Mesoamerican flutes.

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