Property Management Puerto Vallarta

Can you afford NOT to have a Property Manager?

Responsibility is one of the main skills of any property manager. They must be clever and quick-witted, be well aware of their responsibilities and be conflict-free. They should do several tasks at the same time. They also must be experienced in solving problems as they have to solve problems and make important decisions very frequently. And, of course, Honesty… (we have heard too many stories of properties being rented out while clients are abroad and never receiving rental income) is not good but true!

With 9 years of experience as a Police 911 dispatcher, responsibility, multitasking, honesty, and problem-solving are second nature to Debbie and her staff.

Your home in Puerto Vallarta is a big investment, and you want to make sure it’s safe, secure and well looked after when you are not in town.

What is included in our Basic Property Management Package:

  • Emergency on-call service when the home is occupied by a tenant.
  • Property Manager is responsible for paying all utility bills… CFE (electric), Seapal (water), gas, cable, phone, internet, monthly maintenance, assessments, property taxes…
  • If you have existing service providers working for you, such as a pool person, maid, or gardener…. we will continue to make payments to them and oversee their work. (their wage is paid by the owner) If you need assistance hiring people for these tasks, we can arrange for this also.
  • The home is inspected once per week by the Property Manager, opened up, aired out, and indoor plants watered.
  • Supplies for cleaning personnel are purchased by the Property Manager (at the owner’s expense
  • The Property Manager is always the go-to person when the home is rented, collects the rent deposits for you once a month & does inventory on arrival & departure (at NO extra charge). We make sure the bills are paid on time & that the renter has someone in PV to contact
  • We also provide additional services such as airport pickup, laundry, and shopping.

Our monthly rates start as low as $125 USD depending on the size of the home, where it is located and what the job entails.