Relaxing and Adrenaline-Pumping Places to Check Out in Puerto Vallarta

You've been to the City, and you've explored the beaches of Cancun. Then you partied in Cabo San Lucas, so what's the next city to visit? How about some place quaint for a change, like Puerto Vallarta?

This place gets more rave reviews than Cancun and Cabo, and the diversity hardly makes it boring. If you're not sold on that, here are some places that may interest you:

Along the coast of Puerto Vallarta is the Malecon, a twelve-block long, half-mile promenade that is the centre of the life of the public. This is the place to see famous sculptures made by renowned Mexican artists. Some of these landmarks include the Dolphin and the Seahorse, as well as the Good luck Unicorn. The Lady of Guadalupe Church is also located nearby. In the evening, you may go to one of the night performances at the Los Arcos Amphitheatre, which is known for its symbolic stone arches. If that is not an enjoyable activity to you, then enjoy bands and performances, as well as outdoor markets, at the Downtown Plaza.

If you want to stroll around a charming, colonial Mexico, go to the historical village of San Sebastian del Oeste. Take an afternoon break and enjoy the fresh air that you cannot get from the bustling city. Don't miss the breathtaking view as the sun sets over the Sierra Madre mountains.

For adventure seekers who want to experience under-the-sea adventures, your perfect destination would be the Marieta Islands. This ecological park is only a 30-minute boat ride away from the marina. If you want to go snorkelling or scuba diving, this is the perfect destination for you. From manta rays, dolphins, porpoises and even humpback whales, a stop by these islands is very well worth it. If you're not akin to exploring the world under the sea, appreciate the view of the Old Town and the Gringo Gulch from the blue sea. And of course, a sunset at sea would best top off a beautiful end to a wonderful day.

If you're planning on seeing for yourself the wonders of this quaint little place, check out this website for possible accommodations to make your stay that much more comfortable.

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